Briefly about the course

The beginner sewing course “Sewing from A to Z”was designed for people who either know nothing or little about sewing. 

During this course you will learn to use all of the functions of domestic sewing machines. You’ll also learn how to copy patterns and understand pattern symbols. We’ll show you how to choose the best size for you and make changes to the pattern according to your figure. We’ll discuss how to choose the best fabric for your project. We’ll also give you many useful sewing tips. This theoretical knowledge will be used to make a skirt, blouse, dress and pants.

Apart from learning to sew and copy patterns the participants will be offered advice about choosing the best machine for their own domestic sewing studio. A detailed schedule of the course is available below.

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Program kursu

1 st workshop session
  • discussion about sewing accessories - what should you buy before you begin your sewing adventure,
  • learning about sewing machines - we will discuss similarities and differences between: mechanical, electronic and computerised, as well as overlock sewing machines
  • learning about basic stitches and their use; learning how to set your sewing machine to get proper stitches,
  • learning basic sewing terms, introduction to types of fabrics and their structure, discussion about basic types of raw materials,
  • introduction to fabric cutting
  • exercises in sewing straight and curved lines, lock stitches etc.,
  • learning about different types of seams, practising french, lapped, flat, single stitch, plain seams, practising binding, piping etc.,
  • sewing a pillowcase with curves,
  • learning to sew in a concealed zipper,
  • learnig to hem edges on an overlock machine
2nd workshop session
  • learning to take body measurements, choosing the right size,
  • analysing patterns from sewing magazines, learning to copy chosen beginner patterns from Burda,
  • making a simple pencil skirt, learning to transfer seam and dart lines on the fabric, learning to use stay tape where needed
  • continuing to sew a skirt,
  • adjusting the skirt to your measurements,
  • revising stitching a concealed zipper,
  • learning how to prepare a waistband according to your measurements,
  • finishing the bottom of the skirt and learning to sew a skirt vent
3rd workshop session
  • preparing to sew a blouse with short sleeves , learning to recognise elements of the garment,
  • learning to sew neckline facing
  • learning to sew back split facing
  • learning to attach a set-in sleeve
  • continuing to make a blouse
  • learning about different types of sleeves: set-in, raglan, ruffled and how to stitch them,
  • discussing circle skirts, learning to create your own patterns and adjust them to your body measurements,
  • learning to fold up the bottom of your circle skirt,
  • discussing how to finish the top of the circle skirt: elastic waistband, simple waistband (see workshops number 2)
4th workshop session
  • making a dress which has a sleeve with a dart - learning to sew a different sleeve than during previous lessons, revising the difference between set-in and raglan sleeves, practising cutting fabrics, transferring pattern marks on the fabric and adding seam allowances,
  • revising how to sew in concealed zippers (this time they will be longer)
  • learning to sew darts different than those in the pencil skirt - waistline darts
  • finishing the dress and adjusting it to your measurements, learning to sew darts on a finished dress (adjusting the waist)
5th workshop session
  • making cigarette trousers,
  • learning to make different types of legs (skinny, bell bottoms etc.) on the basis of basic pants,
  • learning to sew pockets into the hip yoke,
  • learning to sew longer garment pieces straight on both sides
  • learning to sew legs
  • learning to sew in zippers the way they are sewed in jeans,
  • learning to prepare and sew a waistband,
  • adjusting trousers to your body measurements
  • learning to make loops

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